Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gain Professional Management or Self Manage?

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It really is a mixture of both that creates success!

Many artists we speak to who represent themselves find it difficult to get people in the music industry to take them seriously regarding band business when they also perform in the band. Self-promotion can be difficult so making contact as the band manager will help in many ways. For example, on the phone “I am in this really good band and…....” can be seen as a little self-indulgent particularly when you’re starting to learn telephone skills and nerves can affect your delivery of a call.

It is important therefore, if you are a self-managed band or artist to separate your management business from the performing artist. This will come across as more professional and help you project the act you represent (You) from an outside perspective and less as self-promotion. Think about it.

Which of these two examples sounds more professional to you?

i)“Hello, my name is Jane/John, I play in a great band called….”
ii)“Hello, my name is Jane/John from D’music Management, I represent an upcoming band called….”

Setting up your music management business as a separate entity to your musical performance act while you need to self manage will make your business look and feel a lot sharper while creating a buffer zone between the two. And it separates you the business person from you the performer.

Many individual musicians and ensembles successfully self-manage their careers for years, building at least a regional reputation and a following. Once you are successfully doing this, you are in a good position to attract reputable professional management.

Regardless of gaining a professional management team, it is imperative that musicians maintain a healthy hand on their own business. If you are a musician or in a band, ask yourself this, do you really want to rely 100% on someone else making all your decisions without understanding why they are directing your career that way? Or, would you like to play an active role always understanding what is going on, and helping to knowledgeably handle time consuming tasks and make educated decisions that will allow your new manager to tackle larger tasks and build your brand to higher levels.

To many times I have started working with hard working self managed artists that have chased my business for pro management. Then out of no where, they take their foot off the gas as soon as I start working with them. It is as if by signing to management, all their troubles are over and they kick back. However, pro management is only as good as strong, if the band works alongside the manager or management team. So kicking up the heals and thinking that your job is over in the decision making and proactive management work is suicide.

Don't suffer your future in others hands. Work hard throughout your career on the business side. And if you gain professional management, work together to create a bigger team

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