Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Brand New Price Points and Entry Levels


AMBM test drives the industry, points out the obstacles, straightens the chicanes and supplies the mechanics. The rest is yours to create.

After much deliberation and feed back from interested people such as yourselves regarding the Australian Music Business Manual, and already understanding the difficulties that surround musicians financially, I have restructured our pricing and developed a range of entry points. The complete package is now at $449 Inc GST a $46 Inc decrease in cost. More importantly, there are now a range of packages available that incorporate different elements of the complete management system starting from $149 Inc GST.

This will give you the ability to pick and choose what add-on you buy with the manual upfront and you can upgrade other elements down the track as you require them.

It doesn't matter if it is business set-up, branding, marketing, publicity and promotional work, or whether your seeking endorsements, releasing new music, understanding copyright and licensing your music for money, touring or any other part of this industry, if the questions are in your head, then there is a solution in the manual that will help you get your head around it properly and set you in the right direction.

So, come back in, have a look at the new price list and make your decision. Your Music Business  6ZS8YHCCRE3C

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