Tuesday, 11 June 2013

20% End of Tax Year Discount Sale

That's it folks, It is never going to get cheaper than this to up-skill yourself and give your music career the best opportunity to set yourself up for the future.

20% discount code taxtime1213 - Only until midnight 31st June.

And here is some more information and plenty of happy subscribers testimonials, so if you don't believe us, ask them about the power Australian Music Business Manual supplies you.

Australian Music Business Manual
Successfully Mentoring and Up-Skilling Australian Artists.
Staring Price $199 GST Inc with top level, add-on components available

Twelve months after the launch of Australian Music Business Manual, veteran artist manager, national tour manager and music promoter Darrel Baird (Blue Tongue Management / The Angels-Brewster Brothers / Harmonic Generator), has a growing number of artists and managers subscribing to the package and utilising the extensive contents to drive their careers. And with positive results.

Created to fill in the gap for the many artists that know where they want to go but do not know how to get there, the contents are full of knowledge covering every nook and cranny of the industry only some-one that has walked the path many times could know.

The industry standard for artists with aspiration "I am not doing it for the money", 'Why wont the media give us editorial or airplay?' 'Why can’t we get a good gig?', 'Why didn't anyone come?' 'Why wont the booking agents give us the support slots?' 'Jacks leaving the band after two years hard work. This is the best we have ever sounded, why is he doing this..........? " Of course, the answer to all those questions and more, usually lay in either the lack of understanding, long-term preparation and/or income problems.

Almost every artist runs through the same developmental problems when it comes to running their career as a business. The right direction is important sooner rather than later. And Australian Music Business Manual supplies that knowledge and understanding of this industry.

So it is Darrel Baird's experience and dedication working with successful recording/touring artists, an the years developing inspiring youth acts that has inspired such a strong mix of old school 'real world' music business knowledge with a full range of online and social media 'cyber world' tools belnded into one stand alone product. And it works!

The manual envelopes small business set-up, development and growth, multilevel web site and social networking systems, artist branding, marketing and growth, up-skills communications and builds business relationship skills, national tour logistics expertise, new music release, new media campaign requirements, copyright and licensing and problem solving in every sector. The product is peppered throughout with links to the smart savings in both time and income and money problems.

"I have not developed a book that tells my story and gives indirect hints on what to do. I have helped develop artists from the ground up, every step of the way and this is the contents. I have worked through the failures and the successors, the new and the old reinvented.". ~ Darrel Baird

Australian Music Business Manual puts the wheels on.
Subscriber Testimonials

"Hey Darrel, the Manual is going great! I have been using it to help me implement our upcoming tour with The Nerve. I'm now working through the sections to best get our album out to local radio stations."
~ Ben Cuthbert - manages and performs in The Charge ~ Prog Rock -VIC

"I'm finding the package to be very helpful. I've created a good management system set up. We've got a couple of really good shows coming up, which techniques in the manual helped out with. We've also been promoting the shows and listing them in lots of gig guides supplied, and I'll be contacting a few magazines soon. I'll be referencing the manual a lot over the weeks leading up to the album release to get as much publicity and promotion as possible."
~ Ben Sims manages and performs in Matronarch ~ Metal - S.A.

"It's great to have you on our-side, you really understand us and we appreciate your help"
~ Kat Ayala at Bonney Read ~ Punk/Rock/Pop - NSW

"Dear Darrel, thank you so very kindly for your help and guidance, your time and help, it's greatly appreciated."
~ Heather Frahn - Self managed artist ~ World Music - S.A.

"Thanks heaps. It (AMBM) has reinforced what I've been telling my artist, that what has to be done and the manual is filling the gaps in my own knowledge. Am about to get into the PPCA paperwork that arrived yesterday thanks to your heads-up."
~ Steve Rackley - Artist Manager ~ Blues - NSW

"Darrel 'Oh Wise One' Baird for all the advice, knowledge and experience we needed. Thank You!"
~ Dale Shrober manages and performs in The Deep End ~ Rock - VIC

"This package is extremely useful, logically set out and relatively easy to use. Money well spent."
~ Tony Harrison Artist Manager(NSW) at Knox Fiji ~ Reggae - FIJI

"I can already tell the value of the content in here is far greater than the price of it. Love It".
~ Chris O'Brien Artist Manager/Label Owner Matt Gresham ~ Blues - W.A.

"You are an amazing mentor, there is no way we would be where we are now without your amazing work and knowledge."
~ Renaud Satre at Harmonic Generator ~ Rock/Nu-Metal - France

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